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Mac Mini 2010 Hard Drive Speed

  04:53:00 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Mac stuff
Mac Mini 2010 Hard Drive Speed
I was looking into upgrading my 2006 Mac Mini (serving as a media server) with a 2010 model, just to get a bigger hard drive... and also a faster one! Now, according to this guy, the Mac Mini 2010 still comes with a stinky slow old SATA-1 drive, just a… more »


How to automatically start playing movies in QuickTime X

  01:58:00 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Mac stuff
Apple has removed that features in Snow Leopard and QuickTime X has no preferences panel to enable this. So you need to go through the command line to get it back... In Terminal, copy/paste: defaults write com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX MGPlayMovieOnOpen… more »

How to enable X-Ray folder previews in Mac OS Quick Look

  01:56:00 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Mac stuff
In Terminal copy/paste this: defaults write com.apple.finder QLEnableXRayFolders 1 Then relaunch the Finder. Press space on a selected folder and admire :) more »


Why echo is slow in PHP and how to make it really fast

  06:40:00 am, by fplanque   , Categories: PHP, Web Dev, Linux stuff
You may have noticed that PHP scripts that echo a lot of content appear to be running with poor performance... Well, the operative word here is "appear". It is a common misconception that "echo is the slowest PHP command"! The problem is actually… more »

How to log request processing times in Apache

  03:33:00 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Web Dev, Linux stuff
If you have an apache (2) web server, you probably have an access.log file showing you all kinds of data using the "combined" log format. Let's see how to include processing time into that log file. By default a line in the combined log looks like this… more »

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