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3 displays on a mac mini

3 displays on a mac mini
While many are happy with 2 displays attached on their computer, I actually don't quite like having to look either to the left or to the right when I'm working on something... I want a display right in front of me and I want additional displays on the s… more »

Mac OS X Lion Full Screen Apps on multiple displays?

As showcased in Steve Jobs "Back to the Mac" presentation today, I welcome the trend towards full screen apps on the Mac. Having windows of different apps overlapping was just a daily receipe for A.D.D. waiting to happen... However the one thing I'm co… more »

Mac Mini 2010 Hard Drive Speed

Mac Mini 2010 Hard Drive Speed
I was looking into upgrading my 2006 Mac Mini (serving as a media server) with a 2010 model, just to get a bigger hard drive... and also a faster one! Now, according to this guy, the Mac Mini 2010 still comes with a stinky slow old SATA-1 drive, just a… more »

How to automatically start playing movies in QuickTime X

Apple has removed that features in Snow Leopard and QuickTime X has no preferences panel to enable this. So you need to go through the command line to get it back... In Terminal, copy/paste: defaults write MGPlayMovieOnOpen… more »

How to enable X-Ray folder previews in Mac OS Quick Look

In Terminal copy/paste this: defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders 1 Then relaunch the Finder. Press space on a selected folder and admire :) more »