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Comment from: sulaiman [Visitor]

This is the best solution I found in the web.
I was having this problem and it was annoying. my MBP won’t go to sleep mode even if i close the lid.

you are a life saver,

Sorry for bad english.

best regards,

11/29/11 @ 07:37
Comment from: mc [Visitor]

and what if I were just to navigate to the folder in User/homeƒolder/library/LaunchAgents

and delete the offending files from there?

would that still leave orphaned files on my hard drive?

thanks for the Terminal script btw,these 10 sec respawns have been driving me nuts

12/21/11 @ 07:39
Comment from: Tanya [Visitor]

Thank you! It did work and you saved my life!

12/30/11 @ 02:13
Comment from: William [Visitor]

Just adding my thanks to those above. Great instructions. Clear. Easy to follow. And effective.

01/07/12 @ 14:47
Comment from: Sigurdur Armannsson [Visitor]
Sigurdur Armannsson

Great instruction. Just what I needed. Thanks!

02/02/12 @ 00:12
Comment from: how to disable postfix in 10.4? [Visitor]
how to disable postfix in 10.4?

how the heck do i turn off any and all postfix services to stop all the postfix errors that have been compiling for years – since I don’t use postifx, have no idea how to use it and it’s constantly creating errors in my log?

thank you sincerely!

02/06/12 @ 17:12
Comment from: steja [Visitor]

Thanks for the solution..

03/12/12 @ 02:51
Comment from: Elena [Visitor]

I finally got rid of INTEGO!

08/09/12 @ 17:30
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]

I’ve been trying to find a solution to removing a ‘MacKeeper’ file for three weeks, thank you…

This solution worked great!!!

10/01/12 @ 17:17
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]

Thank you!!

10/03/12 @ 19:33
Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Thanks! It took me a really long time to understand what was going on!

10/11/12 @ 19:47
Comment from: tfa [Visitor]

TY Very Useful

10/12/12 @ 11:17
Comment from: Sean [Visitor]

specifically type “launchctl remove” and then what? Just typing that gets the message command not found. I put in the line number where the carbonite code is and copied and pasted the code after typing “launchctl remove". PLEASE BE MORE EXPLICIT WITH DIRECTIONS. Thanks

10/30/12 @ 13:04
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]

Excellent Explanation!

11/02/12 @ 02:46
Comment from: Jackson [Visitor]

I’m pretty sure you need to use “sudo” for launchctl to even see system launch agents. Otherwise it just looks for stuff from your user.

Unless of course you’re just looking for launch agents that are in your user account.

03/01/13 @ 17:07
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Thanks a lot!

03/11/13 @ 04:52
Comment from: M [Visitor]

excellent solution… hopefully it sticks. i tried something else to stop notification center from launching (after I disabled it the wrong way) and the messages came back. worst case, i’ll have to enter the commands every time the computer starts up, which i really don’t mind. THANK YOU!!!!!

04/09/13 @ 16:11
Comment from: FredH [Visitor]

Great! Very helpful to get rid of annoying scripts that fail

06/23/13 @ 21:08
Comment from: t jones [Visitor]
t jones

yes, launchctl remove worked for zeobit, but on the restart it came back. Suggestions?

10/16/13 @ 18:38
Comment from: martin [Visitor]

hi i need an information this solution is to remove constantly launching services on Mac OS X but to remove the file definitive???

11/28/13 @ 08:50
Comment from: Dianne [Visitor]

I tried the Terminal launchctl remove for a constant problem with throttling respawn of a mobile broadband manager, but it didn’t work - just keeps on running and running every 10 seconds, slowing down my computer. Any other suggestions please?

05/27/14 @ 20:26
Comment from: Bryce Adams [Visitor]
Bryce Adams
5 stars

I love you

07/25/14 @ 07:53
Comment from: Evan [Visitor]
5 stars

THANK YOU! Worked like a charm on this stupid Mobilegodaemon that’s been plaguing me for months.

10/08/14 @ 07:49
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]
5 stars

Thanks worked with Mackeeeper

11/10/14 @ 23:46
Comment from: fjll [Visitor]
5 stars

awesome. I love you, too. After digging through gloogle for hours, finally an answer, short and simple. You rock!

02/16/15 @ 14:33
Comment from: Randall [Visitor]

I discovered I had two of the damn things on my box, maybe this will help someone;

4/19/15 4:41:06 PM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.daz3d.content_management_service[4695]) Exited with exit code: 1
4/19/15 4:41:06 PM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.daz3d.content_management_service) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

4/19/15 4:41:06 PM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.zeobit.MacKeeper.plugin.AntiTheft.daemon[4696]) posix_spawn("/Library/Application Support/MacKeeper/MacKeeperATd", …): No such file or directory

I used the list command shown here, and easily removed the 2nd one, the zeobit.mackeeper garbage, but the DAZ did not show up at all in the list, not even when I used sudo;

sudo launchctl list

So on a hunch I figured it was somehow hidden, so I tried this syntax and the console logging immediately STOPPED;

sudo launchctl remove com.daz3d.content_management_service

04/20/15 @ 00:27
Comment from: Dinson [Visitor]
5 stars

The best solution ever!!

06/10/15 @ 20:10
Comment from: Chendra [Visitor]
5 stars

Thanks!! it works like charm!

08/31/15 @ 01:43