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flush() bug in PHP 5.4

For some reason, nobody seems to acknowledge there is a bug with Codeflush() in PHP 5.4. In any previous version of PHP, you could just do: PHPflush(); and the PHP output buffer would be sent to Apache which would in turn send it to your web browser.… more »

Live HTTP Header tracking for Firefox

Live HTTP headers is a FireFox extension that lets you look at all HTTP headers for all requests issued by the browser. Now updated for Firefox 1.5. more »

Why echo is slow in PHP and how to make it really fast

You may have noticed that PHP scripts that echo a lot of content appear to be running with poor performance... Well, the operative word here is "appear". It is a common misconception that "echo is the slowest PHP command"! The problem is actually… more »

How to log request processing times in Apache

If you have an apache (2) web server, you probably have an access.log file showing you all kinds of data using the "combined" log format. Let's see how to include processing time into that log file. By default a line in the combined log looks like this… more »

How to install the APC PHP Cache on Debian (Lenny or Squeeze)

APC PHP Cache Control Panel
The APC PHP Cache Control Panel
The APC cache can significantly improve your PHP script performance, just by installing it, whoch basically takes 5 minutes! Here's what I did on my Debian Lenny box... First you may want to have a reference benchmark to see if it actually improves:… more »