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Post-It wars!

  12:06:00 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Soft Culture
Post-It wars!
Post-It wars!

Poping up faster than mushrooms in this rainy summer we have here in France are Post-It pixel art icons on office windows all over the place!

Above are the Post-It windows I originally saw from my office window a couple of days ago. Below is my space invader response ;) – Obviously I’m not equipped with enough Post-It colors to go ballistic like these guys, but it crossed my mind to order some :p

This whole thing started as a friendly “war” between two opposite companies in the East of Paris. Now it’s everywhere! Some companies are even doing multilevel installations on bigger office buildings!

I wonder how long it will take for this to start in other countries!?

More pics below…

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Suicide failure stats

  12:51:00 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Off Topic

19 out of 20 people who attempt suicide will fail.

But people who fail are 37 times more likely to succeed the second time…

At TEDYou, JD Schramm asks to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts:

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Just a thought... (about life & feedback loops)

  08:39:00 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Off Topic

I had this epiphany the other day that everything about life, and even more so: everything about about human activities is deeply based on feedback loops.

It starts with natural evolution (including sexual selection) where the evolution and shaping of the species is refined generation after generation based on positive and negative feedback loops from the environment and from peers.

Then, there is so much about human psychology and sociology where ideas and behaviors are reinforced or subdued through feedback loops.

Not to mention the global economy, markets, consumption and speculation that are massively driven by feedback loops…

So, what’s left to pure, unbiased free will? Arts? Love? Thoughts? I don’t think so. It’s pretty easy to find feedback loops in all of these too!!

This doesn’t mean that everything about today is a direct result of what happened yesterday; there are still external stimuli that enter the system at any (random) time, but still… what is the external stimulus allowing for unconditioned thoughts?


Breakup frustration

  06:20:00 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Humour/jokes
Breakup frustration
Breakups are frustrating… always… I believe this guy coped with his frustration pretty well, though ;)


5th element style condo!

  09:22:00 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Funky World

You’d think the real estate market crashed everywhere and there’s plenty of available square feet, but check this out: what you saw in the 5th element has actually become a reality, in Hong Kong!

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