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Alive in California

  11:14:26 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Trips
Allright I'm not dead yet. I'm actually back in San Francisco after a 5 week trip through Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, Flagstaff AZ, the Grand Canyon AZ, Monument Valley UT, Las Vegas NV and San Josť CA... I just did the SF Friday Night Skate again ;)… more »
Tags: travel, usa


California, here I come!

  09:59:40 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Trips
Okay, this time there's no turning back! I have booked my Flight! I'm off to San Francisco on October 4th! B) Wow! It's actually been 12 years since I left Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. And I've not been to the US once ever since. D… more »
Tags: travel, usa

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