Comment from: Forex Hedge Fund [Visitor]
Forex Hedge Fund

Forex hedge funds are becoming more popular investment vehicles and are likely to see significant gains from the turmoil in the currency markets.

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Comment from: Forex Trading Easy [Visitor]
Forex Trading Easy

Hi my friends,

From my analysis EUR/USD rate will not go back down in nearest time.
It is referring to many indicators that I use.

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Comment from: low spread [Visitor]
low spread

The USD was really in a slump in nov/dec but now its somewhat valueable again which is great. And the euro is down because of the greeks that cant handle their finances.

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Comment from: EUR/USD [Visitor]

At last EUR/USD had broken the psychological resistance of 1.4000 and had crossed 1.4250 before taking some correction. If it gets support over 1.4000 then it should move towards 1.4400 target.

Comment from: Buy Stocks [Visitor]
Buy Stocks

I have been learning a lot about how to trade the EUR/USD from being able to watch the traders at etoro. I’ve mostly been buying stocks, but have begun to refocus on forex trading. I love trading stocks just as much as forex. The more news we get the better/steeper moves we get which makes it easier for me to profit.

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