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USA Immigrant Visa

  06:16:12 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Trips
Today my passport came back in the mail. It had a cool sticker in it: That's what happens when you play the green card lottery. Beware: it doesn't only happen to others!! ;) You play... you wait... you forget about it... you're asked for a… more »


Sicko - about France

  01:43:26 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Movies, Funky World
Sicko - about France
Yesterday I saw Michael Moore's Sicko movie. First off, let me say that it's absolutely terrifying when you see the stories of all those people literally ripped off by their health insurance company! Boy I was worried about that stuff before (when con… more »


Jetlag 2.0

  12:04:16 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Trips
Ok, so I'm back to France... and guess what: I'm actually seeing the light of day!! :) When I flew back from California last October I had the hardest time ever to sync back to European time. This time... it might be smoother... There is a 9 hour t… more »


Alive in California

  11:14:26 am, by fplanque   , Categories: Trips
Allright I'm not dead yet. I'm actually back in San Francisco after a 5 week trip through Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, Flagstaff AZ, the Grand Canyon AZ, Monument Valley UT, Las Vegas NV and San Josť CA... I just did the SF Friday Night Skate again ;)… more »
Tags: travel, usa


California, here I come!

  09:59:40 pm, by fplanque   , Categories: Trips
Okay, this time there's no turning back! I have booked my Flight! I'm off to San Francisco on October 4th! B) Wow! It's actually been 12 years since I left Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. And I've not been to the US once ever since. D… more »
Tags: travel, usa

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