Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

Salut François,

I don’t comment much or write much.
But I want to thank you. It is an amazing tool.
I have to admit I envy you a bit.

But I’m happy you made b2evo, I wish you continue your success path and enjoy life!

Thanks again.

02/03/16 @ 22:18
Comment from: William [Visitor]

Hi François

I’d like to thank you this morning because you gave me the solution to a problem I try to fix since months. The kind of problem you think it is a very simple solution but … you don’t find it.
I offered recently a Wacom tablet to my wife and, since then, her Mac is slowing down so much that it is nearly not usable. I checked the console and saw there was a launch of com.wacon.pentablet that fails every 3 seconds.
I found the solution to kill that launch on your site. And the iMac is now up and running like on his first day :-)
YOU MADE MY DAY (and I wanted to let u know ;-)
Thank u so much.

12/09/20 @ 11:09
Comment from: ajaxStardust [Visitor]

Thank you for developing b2evolution!

01/28/22 @ 19:27

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