Attention deficit: Adapting your business

"Lists and types of bite sized content that offer immediate reward to an attention and time scare audience typically spread further than content which requires more attention. The attention deficit most of us live with is going to constrain the types of… more »

Looking for a new hosting company?

As part of the b2evolution project, we spend a lot of time evaluating hosts for our users. We think we have finally reached a decent shortlist of companies providing the best service for a reasonable price. If you're currently looking for a host, you… more »

CSS: Fixing overflow: hidden in IE

Internet Explorer 6 for windows has been giving me a hard time with expanding fixed width or fixed height boxes (divs) in the most non standard fashion... The trick would be to apply overflow: hidden to the div to force the browser to hide any… more »

My favorite Firefox extensions

Here's a quick list of the Firefox extensions I'm using all the time for web development: DOM Inspector IE View (One button to check the same page in IE) ColorZilla (Lets you check colors on a web page) MeasureIt (Lets you measure Elements on a… more »

Defending the word "suck"

Seth Stevenson tells you more than you ever wanted to know about the word "suck" in Slate (via Anil Dash). "We could argue all day about whether sucks is an obscenity or not. [...] What's far more interesting to me is the word's utility. Sucks is the… more »