DivX codec for Intel Mac (Universal Binary)

Check it out here. more »

The Java Generation and the lost art of programming...

"A sure sign of my descent into senility is bitchin' and moanin' about "kids these days," and how they won't or can't do anything hard any more." So goes the intro to Joel's "The Perils of JavaSchools". Higly relevant and highly recommended, as us… more »

jBouncer: A Java IRC Bouncer (Proxy)

Sometimes you want to be connected to an IRC server all the time, even when you're not. In that case you need an IRC proxy, or bouncer, that will stay connected to the IRC server(s) all the time. That's what jBouncer does. more »

Rasmus: "I don't like SOAP"

At PHP Forum, Rasmus wisefully explained that SOAP is intrinsically broken because it's too complex... just as anything that takes more than 20 minutes to understand. When it comes to webservices, I myself tend to prefer XML-RPC ("Does distributed co… more »

My (alternative) definition of blogging

How do people usually define blogging? They tend to say that it's about organizing posts by reverse chronological order. That it's about writing in the first person. That's it's about being more personal. That's it's a social thing. That it's about… more »