PHP Forum Paris 2005

I've spent the last two days at PHP Forum Paris 2005. Very interesting stuff! I'll try to blog the most important facts (IMHO) over the week-end... But, now when you think about it, I've been there last year also... Very interesting stuff also... And I… more »

24 hours with an iPod video

I just surrendered to my geekyness again. I'm passing my iPod photo over to my girlfriend, so I had to buy a new iPod for me. Or maybe it was actually the other way round? :roll: Oh well... let's just pretend I got an iPod video for my birthday! :D… more »

Happy birthday to me!

Oh boy, last time I remember I was 28... and today I'm turning 33! :roll: What has happened to the last 5 years? Well, thinking back, I can list a lot of places where I've been and a lot of people I've met. Even a lot of people I've talked to online.… more »

Podcasting in Windows Media Player: BitTorrent?

In yesterday’s “Daily Source Code", Adam Curry is talking about his meeting in Redmond with the Windows Media Player team. Adam says he can’t tell anything… but what else could this probably mean than Windows Media Player… more »

Why I consider (MVC) Smarty templating inefficient

Most PHP developers (and other web developpers too) seem to evolve on a similar path which goes like this: Step 1: take HTML pages an add PHP tags into them. Step 2: Realize that on a large scale this is getting very hard to maintain. Step 3: Learn… more »