There's more than the code...

Oh well... I think it's been too long since I last read some great wisdom like the one on Joel on Software. I read this really insightful peace today about all the important things beyond just the actual software code. Here's a funny quote: Human… more »

Sendo X Flashlight

There's this freeware app, called Torch, that allows you to buse your Series 60 phone as a torch/flashlight by blanking the screen and maintaining the backlight on until you exit the app. Pretty interesting (you know when you drop your garage keys at… more »

Quote of the day

"I wasn’t kissing her, I was just whispering into her mouth." -Chico Marx more »

Flash Lite getting real

And now, the Flash Virtual Machine is going mobile... for real! :) NOKIA SIGNS LICENSING AGREEMENT WITH MACROMEDIA Series 60 becomes a reference mobile platform for Macromedia Flash technology Nokia (NYSE:NOK) and Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) today… more »

The Flash Virtual Machine

Sometimes I wonder if Macromedia isn't going to succeed with Flash where Java failed... on this particular topic of harware and OS abstraction. Flash Lite makes their virtual machine (aka "player") more real than ever. Russ has all the details so I… more »