I, Robot

Went to see "I, Robot" tonight, just to get me out of my boxes for a while... I was pleasantly surprised. Very pleasantly actually! I love it when you just go for entertainment and before you know it you find yourself thinking about the very deep… more »

Offshoring/outsourcing software development

This thread in Ask Joel is the most interesting discussion I've ever read abut offshoring/outsourcing software development! It's getting incredibly long though, so it's really hard to read through. But the first 25 comments are definitely worth… more »

Ecological Footprint Quizz

Lately, it's been trendy to take all sorts of online tests and to publish results on your weblog. Good way to learn 100 irrelevant facts about yourself! How about taking this one now: Ecological Footprint Quizz ? Ever wondered how much "nature" your… more »

b2evolution, Movable Type and WordPress

Just realized I barely haven't posted anything to this blog for the whole month and this is my last chance to pop up on the calendar page for May! :P So what has happened for the last few weeks? Well, for the most part we polished and we released the… more »


I've been addicted to quite a few things in my life, including caffeine, sugar, sex, motorriding and fun things like that. At some point I thought I was healed. However, lately... it's actually been getting worse! There was the email addiction, feeling… more »