I've been addicted to quite a few things in my life, including caffeine, sugar, sex, motorriding and fun things like that. At some point I thought I was healed. However, lately... it's actually been getting worse! There was the email addiction, feeling… more »

I love WiFi! (well, actually...)

I mean, you gotta love it! A picture is worth a thousand words: [image:132:Working on the balcony] Okay, so much for the showing off. A few hours later: I had to switch to a "High Contrast" Windows color scheme (now I know what these are for!) to be… more »

Charset conversions (i18n)

Yesterday, I came accross this interesting table which lets me know what conversions I need to do when I paste text from Word into a textarea and further want to use this text on the web... To be accurate, this table is useful for conversion from the… more »

Fame! (The illusion of)

Every blogger gets to do that once in a lifetime (ahem, I mean "at least"): I searched for my firstname in search engines... Surprisingly or not (depending on how much you know about web indexing techniques), I am famous, very very famous! #1… more »

French cities at night

During this time of the year, when the sky is grey all over the country, French cities actually look best at night. And it's a good thing 'coz I wouldn't have gotten a chance to take those pictures at daytime anyway! ;) It's funny how many cities I've… more »