Patent pending: My personal "Cookie Tenderizer"

Today we had a healthy lunch: a friend of mine brought us home baked cookies! Don't question about the dietetics, she's gotta be knowing what she's doing, she's an engineer in the food processing industry! :> Well, anyway, those were excellent and I… more »

Sending mail with Outlook 2002

I have been using outlook 2002 since... errr... 2002 ? (Yeah I know there are better email clients avialable... this one just integrates with nearly everything! And you can't beat that! :P) I have always had it configured in a way were any message I… more »

Quote of the day - insanity

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. more »

A little adventure into web dev

My real life has been holding me off from blogging and all that stuff for the last month. However, as I was sick and staying at home for the last two days, as there was nothing on TV (I really oughta get that satellite dish!), I pulled out my… more »


Ever wondered how it comes you now receive at least five of these urgent requests for assistance a day? Check it all out at this pretty complete site: Make sure you read at least one of those hilarious stories where the… more »