Ever wondered how it comes you now receive at least five of these urgent requests for assistance a day? Check it all out at this pretty complete site: http://www.scamorama.com/ Make sure you read at least one of those hilarious stories where the… more »

About nutrition...

Below are a few excerpts from this fascinating webpage about how to improve your nutrition I stumbed across today. If you're sort of an absolute beginner at the age of 30 as I am myself, you really want to read this! ;) Some of the most important… more »

IE 6 not refreshing

Just stumbled upon yet another funky IE6 "bug" (if I may say so... When you want to automatically refresh to another page, you send a header that looks something like: Refresh:0;url=http://blah.blah.blah The funky thing is that if that header exceeds… more »

Microsoft killing the browser: scary movie...

Sometimes I fear that Microsoft stopping the development of IE 6 is a lot worse than we think... It looks more and more like they have a master plan beyond terminating the free browser program... (we don't care, we have open source browsers, right?)...… more »

Focus on the First Derivative

In his latest post about Career Calculus, Eric Sink explains how you should constantly monitor your personal learning curve by focusing on the first derivative instead of the curve itself. Very interesting post. Wise advice. I actually believe this is… more »