Unsubscribring from spam *NOT*

Cédric [site gone] posted some interesting thoughts about whether or not to unsubscribe from spam.

Cédric advocates that unsubscribing has become less a trap than it used to be, basically because spammers are better off collecting new masses of addresses than preventing their mailers to automatically unsubsribe people who'll never buy from them anyway. And also, because there are legal risks in spamming twice someone who asked to be removed.

Cédric also says:

Another thing I can see coming in the near future is that these "do not spam" lists will one day be forced to be shared among spammers. In other words, any "do not spam" list you are a member of right now might end up in having your email address removed from others as well.

=> Well actually... this is precisely the point: some day spammers will have to share their "do not spam" lists...

Oh... actually they do it already! It's just that they do not share, they resell... and they donto not call them "do not spam" addresses, they call them "qualified" addresses!

The buyer can spam you without worrying too much... after all you haven't yet asked to be removed from this one!

The problem with spammers is that they are dumb and smart at the same time!

Quote of the day - Fav Microsoft Product

"Verdana is my favorite Microsoft product."

-Michael J. Tsai.

God I love sundays!

Woops I first spelled it sundaes! :. And that was correct too! :))

Actually, the cool thing about sundays is that the day before is Saturday... and that gives beta testers a lot of time to test b2evolution!

I sure wasn't expecting that much positive response from all over the world today!

This is really nice! Thank you all for your support. I'm working on rolling out a release ASAP! ;)

Clean permalinks coming closer

You know, I'm on a mission for clean permalinks !

Well, they're comming closer... Today I implemented them in the trackback/pingback code so that when excerpts of a b2evolution blog appear on another site, they appear with a clean URL there too. :D

Sounds like a small job, but believe me, dealing with the pingback code was no picnic! :-/

mySQL 3.23 is making me sick!

  • No referential integrity
  • No transactions (at least not enabled by default so hosting providers would have them)
  • No subqueries in DELETE statements
  • No UNION statement (can you believe it?)
  • and of course no triggers of any kind...

Not that I think mySQL is a bad thing... just that I don't understand how this can be called 3.23! Actually, 0.3.23 would be more appropriate! :>>

I'm so close to making 0.4 (some call it 4.0 :>>) a requirement for b2evolution!