Coding vs. Blogging :(

I have been realizing lately... it is very hard to blog while you code :(

Guess what? I have been coding like mad for the last week! :>> Reminded me of high-school days :))

Clean permalinks on the way

Okay, as I have said before, permalinks should point to single posts. I have implemented this into b2evolution today.

New permalinks look like They link to a single post, including its comments, trackbacks and pingbacks.

I also took the opportunity to make them look cleaner using URL extra path info instead of a querystring. Later, I will also remove the post-number at the end and replace it with something more significant and less "crufty" as mpt would say [broken link]! ;)

News from the b2 world

Michel Valdrighi, the creator of the great b2, just posted some news today... after more than 6 months of silence... This is pretty good news to a lot of us who were getting really worried about him.

Welcome back to blogworld Michel! :) Hope you're doing fine despite your employment issues. :|

Regarding the future of b2, it seems that Michel plans to leave it up to WordPress, which is pretty good news too. WordPress seems all clean to me! ;)

What does that mean regarding my own b2evolution? Well... don't know precisely yet, except that I am running it here and that I still want more (much more:!:) than WordPress announces for their upcomming release... :P

Stay tuned ;)

Localizing b2evolution

Okay, with the first beta-testers testing b2evolution I am beggining to feel an urgent need to localize the software. I was running most of my pages with french text (like "laisser un commentaire") and the testers want english (that is at least english!) :-/

Right now I just switched back everything to english but I do need to localize this. Actually, I needed this anyway for my own site. I will eventually do it as planned and links like "leave a comment" will be displayed in the current post's language.

On blogs like this one, were posts are mixed in multiple languages (yeah I know it's a little strange, but this is Europe... :>>) that means I must have several languages handy at all times.

So I was thinking about putting the strings into arrays... but this may not be as straightforward as I could have thought, as I need to take care of several things:

  • Make it efficient
  • Make it readable in the source code. Replacing 'leave a comment' with $uistring[49][$lang] won't do it!
  • Make it easy for contributors to translate the whole product

Gotta think about it some more... ;)

Quote of the day - Crazy

"7 out of 10 voices in my head say I’m not crazy!"