Before I was an entrepreneur, I was a developer. And a geek.

Today, I still like to think of myself as a full stack hacker, from DB design to front-end dev, through server security and performance optimization.

This blog is about code, the OS (Mac or Linux), database design, web app, responsive websites, webperf, server maintenance and looking at nerdy metrics...

Comparing 3 bluetooth kitchen scales

I recently compared those 3 kitchen scales from Amazon. They allow to display nutritional (macro and micro nutrients alike) info for each food you weigh.

Here's a quick summary:

RENPHO Digital Kitchen Scale (19.99 €)

Comparing 3 bluetooth kitchen scales


  • The App is fully functional (not a given for all scales)


  • No ON button (need to press really HARD on the scale to turn it on, not user friendly)
  • No OFF button (continues to emit bluetooth way longer than necessary)
  • App requires registering
  • App requires phone to be connected to the internet
  • Bloated and convoluted app
  • App is very slow as everything requires an internet request

NBPOWER Kitchen Scale (9.99 €)

Comparing 3 bluetooth kitchen scales


  • Tactile ON/OFF button (press 3 seconds for off)
  • Simple and beautiful app
  • App more responsive than Renpho


  • Impossible to register custom foods that have less than 1g of carbs per 100g (e-g: salmon) (kinda sucks if you're doing keto or or something like that)
  • App reqiqures registering
  • App requires phone to be connected to the internet

AIRMSEN Digital Kitchen Scale (19.99 €)

Comparing 3 bluetooth kitchen scales


  • App works 100% offline, no internet connection necessary
  • App does not require registration
  • App does everything it should
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Most beautiful of the pack


  • The buttons in the app are too small and to close to the screen corners to be easy to press.
  • User Interface could be more graphical in showing nutrients in various places

18 years of b2evolution

18 years of b2evolution

I first started tinkering with the original b2/cafelog software in the end of 2002, as the original author, Michel V. had stopped maintaining it.

Then, in early 2003 it became apparent that I was going to fork it and start maintaining something of my own.

Later in 2003, I registered the domain b2evolution.net. Whois will tell you Creation Date: 2003-06-12T02:50:00Z (I guess I’ve always done my best work late in the night… ;)

So, well, it’s been 18 years now

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Internet like heroin

Internet like heroin
Not heroin, I know, but I really didn't want a picture of a needle here! :p

Back in April 2004, I quoted this: [original now unavailable]

"Like heroin, I don't think the internet is one of those things that you can just do casually."
-Rory Blyth

I remember I really agreed with Rory at the time.

Well... now I was about to brag about how I'm over the RSS feed addiction, how I'm over the Facebook feed addiction, how I'm over the twitter feed addiction, how I'm over the Reddit feed... yep I was about to brag... and then it dawned on me: oh how many hours per day I am stuck on YouTube.

Yep... I don't think my use of Youtube is casual any more! :/

"At least I'm learning things"... that's my excuse now... just as it was back then.

PS: I'm not talking about watching "funny videos". I'm talking about learning anything and everything from very knowledgeable people who share their craft, knowledge and wisdom in video form.

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (2017)

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (2017)

The above is my first boot up of my Raspberry Pi 3, as purchased in January 2017.

I am writing this because so much of the information you can find on Google about the Raspberry Pi is actually outdated with regards to what you get when you order one in 2017.

In my case, I got a starter kit including an SD card, preloaded with NOOBS (which stands for "New Out Of the Box Software").

First thing to watch out for: you want to get a Class 10 SD card. These are the fastest available at this time. You can identify the card by its "C10" logo (or better said: a "10" with a "C" wrapped around it).

NOOBS is supposed to give you a choice of operating systems... except when it doesn't. And in my case it really didn't seem to offer any choice. When I booted up the Raspberry Pi for the first time, it booted straight into some version of Raspbian (the "standard" OS for the Raspberry Pi, based on Debian 8).

I'm not sure which version of Debian it really was because I could never get back the exact same one later (after installing something else...)

Boot into Recovery mode

So here's what you need to know if you actually want to choose which OS you want in NOOBS: Reboot the Raspberry Pi and hold down the Shift key. This will launch the Recovery mode of NOOBS and actually let you install the OS you want... except when it won't let you...

When I first did this, it offered my only one choice which was Raspbian.

After some research I found that this is normal. Only Raspbian is included by default...

Give NOOBS internet access!

In order to get other OSes, you actually need to connect to the Internet so that NOOBS can download additional OS images.

It's interesting the note that NOOBS can easily connect to WiFi without you entering a WiFi password. If your WiFi router has a WPS pairing button, press it and tell NOOBS to auto-pair.

Once NOOBS is connected to the internet, you actually get a wider selection of OSes to choose from:

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi (2017)

You can install more than one and NOOBS will act as a multi-boot loader at every restart.

There is a catch though: every time you want to install an additional OS or remove one you don't need, NOOBS will wipe out everything you have on your SD card and re-install everything from scratch. That's the moment I realized I would probably need several SD cards to swap out and be able to keep some stuff safe while experimenting with other OS packages. (I guess backup/restores would also work, but it would not be very convenient...)

I wish there'd be some system to have, say 4 partitions on the SD card, and being able to change the OS on each partition without affecting the others.

root password

The other thing I have wrestled with a little bit was to find the root password on Raspbian.

By default, you connect as user pi and your password is raspberry.

You can perform a series of system tasks by prefixing them with sudo. However, there are many times where you actually need to log in as root. But there is no root password!

So you actually have to create your own root password by typing sudo passwd root. After that, enter a new password for root and you'll be able to use it from that point on.

Ok, that's all for now. Back to trying out OSes...

WWDC 2016 : Carplay getting smarter?

I haven't ranted for a while, so here's something: my biggest gripe about Apple Carplay!

I basically need two things when I drive:

  • directions
  • and controls for what I am listening to.

But Carplay refuses to let these 2 essential things share the screen.

To add insult to injury, Carplay makes switching from one to the other especially hard!

For example, when on the "Now Playing" screen, I have an icon to go to Navigation: (so far, so good)

WWDC 2016 : Carplay getting smarter?
Now Playing... (an AudioBook)

But now, when on the Navigation screen, all I have is a completely useless compass in the place where you'd expect an icon to switch back to "Now Playing":

WWDC 2016 : Carplay getting smarter?
Navigation Screen

In case you wonder why I can't just use the car controls to skip to next and previous song, it is because I am not listening to songs! I am listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks. And for those, the controls you need the most are:

  • "I didn't get that, rewind by 15 seconds"
  • "yada yada yada, skip forward 15 seconds" (also useful for boring commercials)

Now, after years of no change to this, I have a tiny tiny hope that the next version will finally solve this. Look at this screen from the WWDC Keynote:

WWDC 2016 : Carplay getting smarter?
WWDC 2016

The compass is gone! Yay! But did they replace it with a "Now Playing" icon when something is playing??