Comment from: amoun [Visitor]

Hi. Thanks for all your work and I agree with all you said and I’m surprised you kept improving b2evo for so long.

Sure it will be sad not have your input on the forum, as much, or/if any, but I’m really happy that you can let it go and spend more time with your children.

I have seven and manage 40 acres, good job they have all grown up now. Computing use and software understanding are both addictive, well for me, luckily the land is more demanding and better exercise.

I really wish you all the best with the other more enjoyable aspects of consumerism, like the less you consume the more relaxing the days become, but children, especially when young are insatiable, so don’t let them run you ragged either :)

01/23/21 @ 18:06
Comment from: [Member]

+1 on consuming less and relaxing more ;)

Btw, moving to static site builders requires less powerful servers and consumes less electricity. Another reason not to double down on heavy CMS use.

7 children? Wow! Have some stayed with you on the land?

01/23/21 @ 22:34
Comment from: Sergio Lima [Visitor]
Sergio Lima

I have been using B2evolution since 2003 (I think since version 1.x.x a) … And the only thing I can say now is thank you for all your excellent work and effort to maintain b2evolution.

Possibly, I am one of those users with bad English that you have referred to … Anyway, as an end user, I will do my best to keep my installation as safe as my technical limitations can.

If you (or any developer on your team) launche a pro version for end users (not corporate users) with only security maintenance, I would be one of the first to subscribe. [think about! :-)]

Anyway, I understand your point perfectly. I wish you success and that we can survive the “post-covid"!

Thanks again for B2evolution!

02/04/21 @ 11:14
Comment from: amoun [Visitor]

“7 children? Wow! Have some stayed with you on the land?”

No :) It’s far to primitive for them. They were not educated by any common standard so when they became of age they each left to go to college and never looked back.

They carry the will and sense of direction but haven’t turned on themselves yet :) They each think the world can be a better place through their efforts whilst not seeing that each of us only makes the relatively immediate environment more comfortable and secure for that we consider ‘ours’

You are going to have fun with your children, they are the future, we are the past.

02/10/21 @ 13:49
Comment from: [Member]

Thank you Sergio.

02/10/21 @ 15:00

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