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Did I abandon my sites?

Did I abandon my sites?
2014. Time to wake up, eh? First off, why have I been blogging so little in the last couple of years? Guess it's a combination of: Too much work Having a real life (which I might not have had a few years back...) Google did a great job at scaring me of… more »

How to install b2evolution on Mac OS X in 5 minutes from scratch

Tested with MAMP 1.7.2, b2evolution 3.2 and Mac OS X 10.5.7 :Download and install MAMP (Free) into the Applications folderStart MAMP and make sure you get the MAMP start pageDownload b2evolution and unzip it into /Applications/MAMP/htdocsPoint… more »

Twitter plugin for b2evolution

b2evolution 3.2 will be shipping with an enhanced twitter plugin based on Lee Turner's twitterlution. The twitter plugin for b2evolution allows to ping twitter in addition to other ping services. It will tweet the title of the new post and it's permalin… more »

Testing web hosts...

Lately I have been re-testing most of b2evolution's hosting partners... As the number of hosting test sites grows though, it takes days just to update the testing software on all of them. I guess I'll have the automate that ;) But that's nothing compa… more »

b2evolution on Gentoo Linux

b2evolution is available as a Gentoo Linux package. more »