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Probably just a question of battery power. Try to switch your mouse to 12V (car battery for instance)… Yup, it’s less confortable to move around your mouse, but the BlueTooth transiever should just be happy and now broadcast in a range, say… 1 km around ? I’m sure the neighborhood will be happy to see their own mouse cursor without interaction.


07/26/06 @ 18:10
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07/26/06 @ 18:29
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Mox Folder

Maybe you could try with another brands like logitech…

07/29/06 @ 23:43
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Well I actually don’t want to buy a (comparatively ugly) Logitech Bluetooth mouse just for the sake of testing it’s emission power… I’d so much rather buy a Wireless Mighty Mouse now that they’re out! :P

08/02/06 @ 09:53
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bluetooth technology works flow:
Overview of Operation
The Bluetooth RF (physical layer) operates in the unlicensed ISM band at 2.4GHz. The system employs a frequency hop transceiver to combat interference and fading, and provides many FHSS carriers. RF operation uses a shaped, binary frequency modulation to minimize transceiver complexity. The symbol
rate is 1 Megasymbol per second (Msps) supporting the bit rate of 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) or, with Enhanced Data Rate, a gross air bit rate of 2 or 3Mb/s. These modes are known as Basic Rate and Enhanced Data Rate respectively.
……to learn more bluetooth knowledge,please reference

08/15/06 @ 07:21

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