Comment from: sili [Visitor]

I know that this is quite a little outdated. Anyway, I hope you were able to find a good way for syncing your stuff. If not, you could read a short how-to I wrote about my way to deal with syncing my Macs.

Hope it helps someone :)

11/14/09 @ 19:51
Comment from: Jack [Visitor]

I’ve just got a second MacBook Pro, so looking for ways to sync stuff and came across your page from Google.

The programs in sili’s link are very useful. Especially “teleport", it’s just amazing!

Gonna try fruux now.

Let us know if you’ve found anything else good. I’d like to sync my archive folder I’ve created in my Mail.app.

iPhoto, I don’t really know how to tackle this one, as I think the cloud may not be the way to go as some of your photos you’d want to keep private.

05/17/10 @ 19:09

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