Comment from: Mox Folder [Visitor]
Mox Folder

I agree Time Capsule was probably the best anounce today … but most of people probably won’t get it, they’ll still complain about the missing fucking 3G in their fucking iPhone.

The MacBook Air design is incredible and very suggestive…

Et puis sinon de quoi tu te plains ? maintenant tu peux envoyer des SMS à plusieurs personnes à la fois ;o) Aller à la prochaine keynote Steve nous parlera d’un “Revolutionary Copy & Paste function". Ça deviendrait presque ludique ces keynotes…

01/16/08 @ 06:08
Comment from: N Goos [Visitor]
N Goos

Nice article here!

I agree that it is kind of strange that the enhancements you name in the article have not been made already in the Iphone.

04/15/08 @ 01:01

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