Comment from: jejacks0n [Visitor]

Thanks for the article.

I have a stereo system that runs throughout my house and has speakers in the ceiling (as in it was installed with some upgrades to the electrical of the house).. I have a dock that I can play music from my iphone/ipad through, but I can’t fit my entire collection on either of those devices, and I don’t want to wire it up to a computer in the other room.

The addition in 4.3 provides me the ability to play any music I own from my main “media” machine into any of the audio devices that I have throughout the house.

That’s the basic use case for it, since I have a different setup.

03/20/11 @ 23:03
Comment from: Brian [Visitor]

Does the homesharing depend on your connection? And how exactly can you stream from an iphone to the computer through the cable?

08/25/11 @ 04:35

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