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How to automatically start playing movies in QuickTime X

Apple has removed that features in Snow Leopard and QuickTime X has no preferences panel to enable this. So you need to go through the command line to get it back... In Terminal, copy/paste: defaults write com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX MGPlayMovieOnOpen… more »

Rented movies on iTunes come with 5.1 surrond sound

Rented movies on iTunes come with 5.1 surrond sound
Tonight, for the first time, I rented a movie on iTunes...And I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by the fact the movie came with 2 soundtracks: Stereo & "Surrond".Well, "surround" turns out to be AC3 Dobly Digital and it does work on the Mac… more »

Video files in iMovie

I just have to say how much I love the way iMovie '09 handles video files. When you import video, you can save it to any drive connected to your Mac. It will go to a folder named "iMovie Events" on the selected partition. Whenever that partition gets… more »

Video conferencing: future is now!

Okay now, sometimes I really feel stuck in south of France when I need to be working with people in Paris! Phone + email was cool until my phone bills rocketed in the past few months... :-/ Recently, I decided, with a couple of business partners, to… more »