Comment from: filthio [Visitor]

Well said sir. I sometimes look at my back catalogue of b2evo sites (yes, I have updated that 0.8 install now, thanks) and think exactly the same. I’m currently working on reskinning something that might be a bit more responsive, and if it works I shall be happy to share.

Two things I would throw into your pot -

1: don’t forget the admin interface. This is also way behind the times compared with competitors, and yet the features it has are so flexible and useful. It would be particularly good to be able to customise a stripped-down back-end so that clients can have a very, very simple interface whilst admins can have full access.

2: responsive design satisfies a lot of visitors. b2evo skins are notoriously poor at mobile/tablet presentation, and fixing that is not simple, but if we do then we will have a massive boost to usefulness.

02/20/14 @ 23:01
Comment from: Chris of Arabia [Visitor]
Chris of Arabia

So are you still planning on heading down the Bootstrap route then, Francois?

02/20/14 @ 23:23
Comment from: [Member]

We have bootstrap skins in the current development branch. They need a lot more testing and adjusting before release. But yes, b2evolution will definitely be supporting bootstrap heavily.

As for my own sites, bootstrap may not fit them all.

Regarding admin interface: any nice admin designs (URLs or screenshots) are very welcome so we have a catalog of ideas to pick from. We also have a bootstrap admin skin in the dev branch but bootstrap is just a technology, not really a design… and definitely not one for a full featured admin panel. It needs more work.

02/21/14 @ 00:09

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