Comment from: Matt Joswick [Visitor]
Matt Joswick


06/14/09 @ 18:24
Comment from: Danny [Visitor]

I was going to read this post, but it’s too long.

06/14/09 @ 18:56
Comment from: Mox Folder [Visitor]
Mox Folder

This post is way too long !

06/14/09 @ 19:01
Comment from: [Member]

LOL, at least you get my point :))

06/14/09 @ 19:58
Comment from: Nicole [Visitor]

Like the others said…. ;)

But yepp, I try to keep my posts short, but most times people don’t even read that.

Guess people’s blog lists get longer and time shorter ;)

06/15/09 @ 19:41
Comment from: Keith [Visitor]

Actually, I think Twitter is totally overrated. It’s down half the time and most thoughts can’t be fit in the 140-character limit, so most people resort to making multiple Tweets to get it out, which kind of defeats the point. Speaking totally as a verbose fellow, I saw, blog on!

09/03/09 @ 05:08
Comment from: chris [Visitor]

I agree with Keith it’s Never Working when you need it.But we Have to Leave Room For a Retweet also

11/14/09 @ 10:48
Comment from: Me and just me .. [Visitor]
Me and just me ..

I don’t feel the both view, I would rather write a long blog post and if it’s really to long I cut it in a 2 or 3 posts ..

But a 500 words post I feel ok with/for it ..

But who might know what the future holds for us :)

04/06/10 @ 11:07

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