Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

I disagree with the opinion that weak promo for a good product is better than a great PR for a bad product. As you mentioned the relation that a good promo for a bad product makes it fail faster and that´s good cause you can react faster, remove it faster from the market and avoid more damage to your company. So for me it´s essential to always have good promotion. Anyway you promo your products cause you are convinced that they are useful to the costumers somehow, but the acceptabillity can only be revealed under the real, brutal conditions of the markets.

08/25/08 @ 11:36
Comment from: Home Based MLM [Visitor]
Home Based MLM

I would agree with Anonymous. PR will, more often than not, attribute to the success of a product. For example, there a lot of video games that don’t become as hugely successful as those from a popular series, even though they are as good or even better, simply because they lack PR and are spread only by word of mouth.

10/23/09 @ 07:30

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