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wifi mobile hotspot

The MOXX portable Wifi device can automatically be connected to various devices such as iPad, laptops, smartphone… You can also share with your family, friends or colleagues!

12/05/14 @ 13:41
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I would normally regard a comment like the above as spam and not validate it but in this case, I looked at it and I actually like the product.

If you’re traveling to France you can book a moxx and get it delivered to your place. It’s a small box that will act as a WiFi base station and provide internet service through 3G/4G networks. When you leave, just drop it at a post office in the prepaid return envelope. 7.99 €/day -> cheaper than what hotels charge and it works almost everywhere you go.

12/06/14 @ 02:16
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c kwok

Well, in a small city like HK or Singapore just several hot spots will be good enough to cover the entire city, however technically speaking there is even no free wifi or low cost connection.

I would say, it’s more commercial or political reason rather than technical.

08/15/15 @ 04:29

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