Comment from: Stephen Nolen [Visitor]
Stephen Nolen

Just a personal opinion but I believe net or cloud solutions are going to be the best implementation of GTD allowing anywhere access instead of being tied to a platform.

I’ve done that with my own solution but am now giving Taskwriter.com a try. It’s pretty simple, maybe too much so at the moment but I understand new features are on the way.

You’ll still need 43 folders and a good reference filing system but tracking all those open loops can be done in a web app rather easily.

Just my opinion.

11/23/08 @ 06:11
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

For a good web solution you can use: http://www.gtdagenda.com

12/04/08 @ 07:47
Comment from: bacarli [Visitor]

As far as GTD and the topic itself, Outlook Track-it (www.outlooktrackit.com) has been the best for me, it’s an outlook addon that downloads a small toolbar and reminds you to follow up to emails. i think everyone needs this!

02/07/09 @ 04:20
Comment from: Mom [Visitor]

Bacarli - I’ve used outlook track-it as well. It’s amazing. Was gonna switch to gmail but after downloading that toolbar, I’m safe with outlook.

02/27/09 @ 07:47
Comment from: bernard [Visitor]

Try ThinkingRock. This works on Windows. But I don’t think anything bigger than a mobile phone makes sensse for gtd. you gotta have it with you always, and that will not be the case for any computer.

use a blackberry and TodoMatrix / IdeaMatrix by rexwireless. Beats a PC any day.

01/23/10 @ 09:10

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