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Internet like heroin

Internet like heroin
Not heroin, I know, but I really didn't want a picture of a needle here! :p
Back in April 2004, I quoted this: [original now unavailable] "Like heroin, I don't think the internet is one of those things that you can just do casually." -Rory Blyth I remember I really agreed with Rory at the time. Well... now I was about to brag… more »

Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga
Facing your manga is the hype du jour. This is approximately what I'd look like in an L.A. manga right now... procrastinating on my next haircut! (At this rate I might as well wait I get back to France...) more »

b2evolution, Movable Type and WordPress

Just realized I barely haven't posted anything to this blog for the whole month and this is my last chance to pop up on the calendar page for May! :P So what has happened for the last few weeks? Well, for the most part we polished and we released the… more »

Fame! (The illusion of)

Every blogger gets to do that once in a lifetime (ahem, I mean "at least"): I searched for my firstname in search engines... Surprisingly or not (depending on how much you know about web indexing techniques), I am famous, very very famous! #1… more »

Unsubscribring from spam *NOT*

Cédric posted some interesting thoughts about whether or not to unsubscribe from spam. Cédric advocates that unsubscribing has become less a trap than it used to be, basically because spammers are better off collecting new masses of addresses than… more »