Comment from: Didier [Visitor]

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll try that, even if I’m not so fond of coffee.

FYI, as you’re interested in nutrition, I’ve been away from gluten (almost no bread, pizza, pastries…) for 3 weeks now and I really feel better (less tired, more energy even until late). For me, the difference is amazing. I’d be happy to discuss about that one day at a bar in Paris. Bye ;-)

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Comment from: TDoG-Warrior [Visitor]

Interesting blog about Bullet Proof Coffee … I don’t drink coffee but used to drink mocha in winter time … Have you try the Death Wish Coffee yet ?…

link : http://www.deathwishcoffee.com/

I read about it when it was on the news last year … you might need a straight jacket to hold yourself very still …


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Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Thanks for the article. Any ideas where I could enjoy a great BPC in Paris?

:) just came back from a trip to Canada where I discovered it and I would love to have some here!

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Comment from: [Member]

Hum… I’m afraid you’ll have to make it at home ;)

It’s quite easy though: http://fplanque.com/misc/nutrition/how-to-make-bulletproof-coffee-recipe

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Comment from: meli [Visitor]

Hey thank you for your article, i m a holistic nutritionist, I live in Bali, LA and now Paris. I suggested many of my friends and clients to try BP Diet but the pure strict diet as explained in the book. You wrote in your article about the BP coffee but what about the diet?? Were you following a no carbs diet??? Did you lost weight even though you were not on total BP Diet and last question : did you respect the interval fasting????? thank you for all your infos i m really interested to know more about your diet during this month.

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Comment from: [Member]

Hi Meli: I haven’t read the Bulletproof Diet and have not tried it. When I did this experiment I was losely following a slow carb diet.

Losing weight with BP coffee doesn’t work that well if you stuff yourself with fast carbs in the evening, once the hunger cutting effect of BP has faded. (Big surprise! Who would have predicted that? :p)

Short answer to your question: by order of importance in my diet: slash fast carbs as much as possible, focus on slow carbs, add fat (BP is part of it), add fiber, don’t obsess about proteins.

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Comment from: Alexandra Saperstein [Visitor]
Alexandra Saperstein

Thank you for sharing your experience! It was very helpful to me as I am starting the Bulletproof program tomorrow morning! ( :

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Comment from: miss lena [Visitor]
miss lena

thank you for sharing with us this information,it was very helpful to me as lam starting the bulletproof program today at night

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