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Sebastien Lorber


Will give it a try your recipe as I think official bulletproof products are quite expensive and too much marketed.

I’m also from Paris (and also developer!).

I already have that same coconut oil from Naturalia, but wonder where to buy the grass-fed butter as it’s not often mentionned in the packaging. Can I find a good quality butter in supermarkets, under labels like Isigny butter for exemple?

And what about the coffee?

If you could give me exactly what you buy it would be nice so that I do not try something too fancy :)

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Hi Sebastien!

I’ve never found 100% guaranteed grass fed butter in France. At Naturalia, buy the butter that feels the softest (grass fed butter is soft, grain ged butter is comparatively hard – at the same temperature). If you’re lucky you’ll find “summer butter” ("beurre d’été") which is the butter made from when the cows are outside in the summer, and actually eat grass.

Regarding coffee, I tried the official bulletproof brand. It’s nothing extraordinary. I’m still trying different varieties of organic coffee (many from Naturalia) to find one I like as much as the NON-organic one I love which is the Guatemala from “Monoprix Gourmet” ;)

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Comment from: Sebastien Lorber [Visitor]
Sebastien Lorber

thanks will try that.

Echiré’s butter seems to be nice and easy to find btw

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