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Grounded in France

Grounded in France
Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com
I was supposed to fly to Seattle today... but thanks to Air France flight attendants and one of their strikes, I'm litterally grounded in France... It's been 4 days now! Of course I wish there were other options for flying non stop from Paris to the… more »

WordPress meetup!

Francois Planque, Matt Mullenweg
Francois Planque (b2evolution), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)
Matt from WordPress was holding a casual WordPress meetup in Paris today. I thought I should drop by and say hello... Meet the legend, you know! (Do you realize WordPress and b2evolution actually both spun off the b2 blog software at the same time?)… more »

Sicko - about France

Sicko - about France
Yesterday I saw Michael Moore's Sicko movie. First off, let me say that it's absolutely terrifying when you see the stories of all those people literally ripped off by their health insurance company! Boy I was worried about that stuff before (when… more »

Jetlag 2.0

Ok, so I'm back to France... and guess what: I'm actually seeing the light of day!! When I flew back from California last October I had the hardest time ever to sync back to European time. This time... it might be smoother... There is a 9 hour time… more »