Efficient vs. effective

Guy 1: I am so efficient I can fold 100 parachutes in a hour. Guy 2: I am so effective I can fold 100 parachutes and every single one of them will open right. Would you rather give your parachutes to the efficient or to the effective guy? Now what… more »

Deep into Sleep

While researchers probe sleep's functions, sleep itself is becoming a lost art. Stickgold compares sleep deprivation to eating disorders. “Twenty years ago, bulimics probably thought they had the best of all worlds,” he says. “They could eat all they… more »

iPod podcast listening frustration

Today, I've got this massive stack of clothes to iron... bleh :( To make the experience a tiny little bit more pleasant, I'm listening to every podcast on my iPod I hadn't listened to yet... Great time to catch up with all that stuff... but great… more »

That podcast song [EXPLICIT LYRICS]

You cannot possibly ignore that podcast anthem by Cruisebox [broken link]. What's a little bugging though, is that you won't find the original version with the explicit lyrics, the rude words and all the rest very easily. So I thought I would post the… more »

What bugs me about iTunes & the iPod

I gotta spit this out, because it really really starts to bug me bad! >:-[ I have all my CDs in my iTunes at home. And I have all of them auto-synched to the iPod. Then I take my iPod to work, and guess what: I'm expecting to listen to my mp3 files on… more »