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There's more than the code...

Oh well... I think it's been too long since I last read some great wisdom like the one on Joel on Software. I read this really insightful peace today about all the important things beyond just the actual software code. Here's a funny quote: Human… more »

b2evolution, Movable Type and WordPress

Just realized I barely haven't posted anything to this blog for the whole month and this is my last chance to pop up on the calendar page for May! :P So what has happened for the last few weeks? Well, for the most part we polished and we released the… more »

A little adventure into web dev

My real life has been holding me off from blogging and all that stuff for the last month. However, as I was sick and staying at home for the last two days, as there was nothing on TV (I really oughta get that satellite dish!), I pulled out my… more »

Web application caching

Blogs, as most current web applications, need to address the server-side caching issue in order to reduce webserver load. It looks like most people are quite happy with caching static versions of their pages for some defined amount of time. This method… more »

Introducing evoSkins

b2evolution 0.8 will come with blog skins (evoSkins). What are blog skins? Well basically if you've used any skin-enabled software (like WinAMP) you probably have an idea. ;) Bloggers using b2evo will be able to select a complete look & feel for… more »