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How to open a Mac OS X sparsebundle when it shows up as a regular folder

What do you do if you have, say, an encrypted sparsebundle and some day you try to open it and you discover it shows up as a plain folder in the Finder instead as a bundle icon? Double clicking will just open the folder and show you the bands that mak… more »

How to display Network Shares as Icons on Mac OS X desktop

We had them before, but suddenly in Mac OS X 10.5 they disappeared! However, whenever I want to grab something on the network, my intuitive reflex is to look for the network drive icon on the desktop! :'(I had to dig around quite a while to find teh se… more »

How to edit your keyboard layout on Mac OS X

How to edit your keyboard layout on Mac OS X
One thing I hate about US keyboards is that they don't let me type my French special characters by any memorable strecth -- what's the dead key for the cedilla again? (ç)One thing I hate about French keytboards is that they have all the punctuation key… more »

How to install b2evolution on Mac OS X in 5 minutes from scratch

Tested with MAMP 1.7.2, b2evolution 3.2 and Mac OS X 10.5.7 :Download and install MAMP (Free) into the Applications folderStart MAMP and make sure you get the MAMP start pageDownload b2evolution and unzip it into /Applications/MAMP/htdocsPoint… more »

How to fix apt-get missing keys (Debian)

Lately, my Debian servers have been bugging me with stuff like this everytime I tried to apt-get update:W: There are no public key available for the following key IDs:XYZ123W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems</p&g… more »