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The importance of URIs

"People don’t recognize how important URIs are. The notion that you have a huge, world-scale, information space, and that everything in it has an name and they’re all just short strings that you can paint on the side of a bus; that’s a new thing and a go… more »

How to redirect www.domain.com to domain.com (or reverse)

Most sites can be reached by two different URLs. For example http://b2evolution.net/about/features.html and http://www.b2evolution.net/about/features.html . This is good for the users who can choose wether or not to type in the "www." part. However, i… more »

Sitemaps priority is confusing

When looking at the sitemaps protocol which is now endorsed by Google, Yahoo and MSN, I can't help but crying about how obscure the documentation is, especially for the <priority> element. Please note that the priority you assign to a page is… more »

Apollo: the Flash Virtual Machine is getting better

Apollo: the Flash Virtual Machine is getting better
It was bound to happen. Macromedia's (well, Adobe's) Flash player finally evolved into a very complete Virtual Machine. They call it Apollo. It basically solves the same problem Java has tried to solve for years: write once, run anywhere. Though it's… more »

PNG not suited for webdesign!

I've been banging my head on my Mac & PC monitors with this! I had gone a long way already with color matching my Mac & PC displays, but this is far worse! Suppose you have a logo on a plain color background that has a specific color code,… more »