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Quote of the day - How to succeed

“The best place to succeed is where you are with what you have.” – Charles Schwab more »

Quote of the day - Thinking

“Thinking is the very essence of, and the most difficult thing to do in, business and in life. Empire builders spend hour-after-hour on mental work… while others party.” – David Kekich more »

Steve Job's commencement speech at Stanford (2005)

I've been meaning to post this for quite a long time. But I guess I needed the excuse of b2evolution's new video plugin to actually do it... In case you haven't seen this yet, watch it! It is so inspiring! Steve Jobs at his best! more »

Leveraging work time

I guess many people spend about one third of their time at work. Remove sleep time and people spend half of their awake time at work! Yet they tend to focus more on the other half. The half that they feel is their "free time". The half they spend in… more »