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Apollo: the Flash Virtual Machine is getting better

Apollo: the Flash Virtual Machine is getting better
It was bound to happen. Macromedia's (well, Adobe's) Flash player finally evolved into a very complete Virtual Machine. They call it Apollo. It basically solves the same problem Java has tried to solve for years: write once, run anywhere. Though it's… more »

The Gartner Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle 2006

This is one of those examples where a picture is worth a thousand words! Got that from Cedric Giorgi who also points to this PDF from Gartner explaining what the hype cycle is about. Now, the interesting part is comparing the 2006 hype cycle with… more »

The Flash Virtual Machine

Sometimes I wonder if Macromedia isn't going to succeed with Flash where Java failed... on this particular topic of harware and OS abstraction. Flash Lite makes their virtual machine (aka "player") more real than ever. Russ has all the details so I… more »