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Sitemaps priority is confusing

When looking at the sitemaps protocol which is now endorsed by Google, Yahoo and MSN, I can't help but crying about how obscure the documentation is, especially for the <priority> element. Please note that the priority you assign to a page is… more »

Apollo: the Flash Virtual Machine is getting better

Apollo: the Flash Virtual Machine is getting better
It was bound to happen. Macromedia's (well, Adobe's) Flash player finally evolved into a very complete Virtual Machine. They call it Apollo. It basically solves the same problem Java has tried to solve for years: write once, run anywhere. Though it's… more »

About botnets

"We used to call the Internet a sort of Wild West. Now it's more like Chicago in the 1920s with Al Capone." - Keith Laslop, president of Prolexic Technologies more »

What the google.be case is really about

Google.be 28-sept-06 Everybody’s been saying lots of things about the Google.be case, especially that the Belgian newspapers should have used robots.txt to tell Google what not to index. And that the fact they did not use robots.txt clearly show… more »

Looking for a new hosting company?

As part of the b2evolution project, we spend a lot of time evaluating hosts for our users. We think we have finally reached a decent shortlist of companies providing the best service for a reasonable price. If you're currently looking for a host, you… more »