Date Arithmetic With MySQL

MySQL offers pretty useful functions when you want to manipulate days: You can add a time interval to a date value with ADDDATE() or DATE_ADD() You can subtract a time interval from a date value witf DATE_SUB() You can find the interval between two… more »


We used to have an article here about styling textareas with CSS in IE. It was one more post on the web about one more bug in Internet Explorer 6. It has been fixed in between. In case you still need this, we had a workaround which consisted of applying… more »

Web application caching

Blogs, as most current web applications, need to address the server-side caching issue in order to reduce webserver load. It looks like most people are quite happy with caching static versions of their pages for some defined amount of time. This method… more »

Unsubscribring from spam *STILL NOT* ;)

Following up on wether or not to unsubscribe from spam, Cédric [site gone] adds some clarifications: I am talking about the particular case of a spam email that defeated my filters and ended up in my Inbox. This is the one I want to get rid of. I don't… more »

Introducing evoSkins

b2evolution 0.8 will come with blog skins (evoSkins). What are blog skins? Well basically if you've used any skin-enabled software (like WinAMP) you probably have an idea. ;) Bloggers using b2evo will be able to select a complete look & feel for… more »