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Towards a new syndication format

Looks like the Echo Project Roadmap is getting a pretty wide acceptance in what we probably could call the ~`blogging industry'~ by now.

I definitely plan to support Echo in b2evolution... RSS has been such a mess for such a long time... something really has to change...

(I hope they'll move this project to some decent place though... the project is still small be the Wiki that hosts it is already a headache to navigate... :>> but I won't say more on this... since it's been up for 3 weeks now I think and I still haven't moved on with the new b2evo website :. )

Syndirella: My favorite feature ;)

If someone updates a post a few days or even a few hours after you read it and adds a PS or whatever additionnal information, you usually never notice it... and this is why I love Syndirella: it will notice that for you and display the updated post (and feed title) in blue until you read the changes! Did I say that before? : Syndirella rocks!! :D

Btw, version 0.9b [dead link] is out.